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About Sisko Theme

First up... A huge thank you for purchasing Sisko Theme. It means a lot to me that you appreciate my design and development work enough to plunk down your hard earned cash to own a piece of it, and use it in your projects.

Sisko Theme is intended to be a clean and minimal Tumblr theme, with enough versatility to work as a blog, inspiration board, or personal portfolio. The theme includes a responsive masonry style layout with infinite scrolling. The design is minimal and easy on the eyes. It also features over 45 customization options so you can make Sisko Theme your own.

Setting Up the Theme

Installing Sisko Theme

Let's get this thing up and rolling... In the unzipped directory you downloaded upon purchase, find the file named "sisko_tumblr_theme.html". This file will be in the root of the download directory.

DON'T OPEN THE FILE IN YOUR BROWSER... It'll look like a complete mess. Instead open the file in your favorite text editor. Right click the file and choose "Open with..." If you don't have a text editor, try TextWrangler for Mac, or NotePad++ for PC.

Using TextEdit on a Mac
I don't recommend using TextEdit as it can mess up the file. But if you insist Apple does provide some help on opening HTML files in TextEdit right here.

Okay... The File is Open. Now What?

Select all of the code by using your mouse or br pressing CMD + A (Mac) or CTRL + A (PC). Then copy it to your clipboard by pressing CMD + C (Mac), CTRL + C (PC). You're a computer whiz!

Log into your Tumblr Dashboard. Now select the blog from the menu sidebar on the right that you would like to install the theme on. This may be your only blog, in that case, click the Customize button from the menu in the right sidebar.


We Have Arrived!

Now click the "Edit HTML" button in the top left sidebar.


From here you can paste your new theme code into the editor. But first, remove any code that's already there. Highlight it all and press delete. Then CMD + V (Mac) or CTRL + V (PC) will paste in the Sisko Theme Code.


Press the "Update Preview" button at the top, then the "Save" button when it appears. You should notice that your blog has refreshed with the beauty of Sisko Theme. Press on to see to the customization options for the theme.

Customizing with Theme Options

Title and Subheader

The title in the upper left corner displays your blog title, and the sub title can be edited from the customization panel. The default says "Beautiful Tumblr Goodness". Delete this line if you prefer to have no subtitle.

Social Media Links

The social media icons will be added for each link you provide in the customization panel.


Sidebar Photo

You can upload a sidebar photo from the customization options panel to replace your theme avatar in the sidebar. If you prefer to have no photo and no avatar, leave the photo field blank and swith off the option labeled "Profile Picture".



The background can be a solid color (see theme colors below), or you can choose a titling background image by uploading an image using the field labebeld "background Image".


Theme Colors

There are currently 9 theme colors that you can edit from the options panel. Click the color thumbnail to choose a different color from the color picker.


Google Fonts

There are 10 different fonts to choose from using the Font drop down field on the options panel. I hand picked these particular fonts as I felt they all complemented the theme in different aspects.


Appearance Options

I've provided an assortment of appearence options that will allow you to customize what appears in the theme and how it behaves. For example, switching off "Post Footer" will remove the footer info from each post.


Cool Widgets and Doohickeys

Latest Tweets

In order to show your latest tweets in the sidebar, you must first enable your Tumblr account to talk to your Twitter account. To do this, login to your Tumblr Dashboard then click the gear in the top menu to get to the settings page.


Now scroll down and click the "Share on Twitter" button


A new screen will open allowing you to grant access for Tumblr to use your Twitter account (You may have to login to Twitter if you're not already).Click the "Authorize app" button to proceed.


You can turn off the "Share posts" toggle switch if you don't want all of your Tumblr posts to automatically tweet on your Twitter account.


Now head back over to the customize editor, by clicking "Customize" on the right sidebar. Scroll down on the Customize options sidebar. You'll need to enter your Twitter username, and the heading you would like to appear above your tweets. The default is "Latest Tweets".


You can also select the number of tweets to appear in the drop down box above. The default is 3.


Instagram Feed

To add your Instagram feed, first we need to head over to Embedagram. Once there, click "Let's get started". Then you'll need to login to your Instagram account, to give access to Embedagram. Next you'll need to click the link for "the jquery plugin"


At the top of the next page you'll see your Instagram ID. Copy this number then enter it in the custom settings screen back at Tumblr. You can also change the heading above the image feed here as well.


To change the number of images displayed, scroll up and look for the drop down box.


Dribbble Feed

To add your latest Dribbble shots to the sidebar, simply enter your Dribbble username in the custom settings field labeled "Dribbble Username". You can also change the header for the Dribbble feed here as well. Screenshot

To change the number of shots displayed, scroll up and look for the drop down box.


Disqus Comments

To add Disqus comments to the permalink or post pages, simply register at Disqus. Once regestered, you'll be given a shortname for your site. Enter this shortname into the field in the custom settings.


Changelog History

February 19, 2014 - Version 1.0

How to Rate the Theme

If you've enjoyed using Sisko Theme, I would greatly appreciate a rating on ThemeForest. Here's how to do it. Login at then head over to your downloads page. Once there, you'll see the Sisko Theme download link, under that is a set of stars. Click the stars to give your desired rating. (hint hint... 5 stars!).


Resources Used in Sisko Theme

Sisko Theme was made possible by utilizing these great resources:

Support for Sisko Theme

Once again... Thanks so much for buying my theme. That kind of support deserves good support in return. If you have questions about the theme, you can contact me through the comments area for the theme, or by emailing me through my profile page.

Stay in Touch

For more awesomeness, be sure to follow me on the Envato marketplaces. I'm also on Twitter, Facebook and Dribbble.

See ya around!